A1+Muvieri: design inspired by the jungle

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This design and art studio was created by four friends who moved to Tulum with the purpose of creating a brand that could be innovative and stylish but would never forget their sustainable philosophy.

Daniel, Christian, Regina and Alonso

Alonso, Christian, Daniel and Regina started A1+Muvieri three years ago and their achievements include decorating various renown hotels, restaurants and houses in Tulum like Casa Coyote, Ma´xanab and Nest among others.

La Veleta Tulum casa 4

They create personalized pieces and all the resources are obtained ecologically and locally with fair trade, their furniture and decorative pieces are hand made by Mexican craftsman. Their commitment with the environment includes only using certified wood from a local community called Noh Bec, which assures that every tree used is going to be reforested. The pieces can are unique and the client can choose among 7 different types of wood.

You can shop online here or visit their showrooms at Aldea Zama Tulum and Tres Hermanas in Oaxaca, you will find trays, fruit bowls, boards of many types (cutting boards, cheese boards, bread boards), wooden cutlery (knives, spoons and forks), cooking utensils, laptop holders, stools, tables, benches, night stands, couches and many other furniture and decorative pieces. The mixture between the sea and the jungle of Tulum are the main inspiration for their pieces, that will automatically add a nature vibe to any simple space.


Their Lámidas line is a series of kitchen utensils and decorative pieces made from all the remaining wood from a tree that is used to create a big furniture piece. That way the pieces are completely recycled and true to their ‘zero waste’ policy.

Their latest launch is Rufina a beautiful stool hand made from Tzalam wood and henequén, resources naturally found in the Mexican Caribbean. Rufina is also exhibited in Las Tres Hermanas in Oaxaca City a restaurant and store also designed by A1+Muvieri.

Rufina stool

A1+Muvieri is in constant search of promoting arts and local designers, that’s why they created  Art Uxuxubi a program that invites artists from all over the world to go to Tulum and create different art projects like murals, paintings, art installation, and many many others.

Brands like this show how you can always create harmonious, innovative and functional spaces supporting local brands that at the same time work with local craftsmen and have a conscious view about the planet.

Pictures: The Polf, clothing Claude Tulum

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