Magna: Jorge Diego Etienne´s Collection for Quadro

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Jorge Diego Etienne is one of the greatest exponents of industrial design in Mexico. He is young but his career is already extremely successful; he runs his own office, he has exposed his work internationally and collaborates with major brands to create fabulous products, in addition to teaching, which allows him to transmit knowledge and passion for this creative practice to the generations to come. 

This time Jorge Diego presents Magna, a collection designed for Quadro, a luxury furniture brand with more than 30 years of presence in Mexico, in a collaboration that pushes the limits of classic design through the abstraction of concepts and the refinement of forms. Its constructive and aesthetic details refer to the magnificent historical buildings of Mexico City, full of rich materials such as marble brass and bronze. Magna is essential sophistication, a collection of luxury furniture marked by lines and curves that form a structural expressionism that contrasts hard shapes with soft bodies; pieces that are built from gestures that seek their significance in iconic spaces and environments. Much of Etienne’s work is characterized by his strong connection to industry, which is why the Magna collection represents a new path where he explores poetic and sophisticated languages demonstrating the maturity of his practice. 

We love each of the pieces in this collection because their neutral tones and the goodness of their shapes make them very adaptable to different tastes or styles, but at the same time they become fascinating pieces that dress the spaces that they inhabit in a very special way. Magna is an example of how national industrial design has a lot to contribute to modernity, in addition to showing how Mexican quality leaves nothing to be desired.

Photos by Estudio Tampiquito

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