Fedra Jewelry: The Power of a Stone

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This Mexican jewelry brand has earn a place among the most trendy  accessory brands, not only because their pieces are original and striking but because their main inspiration are colored stones. Discover our chat with Fedra‘s founder Eduardo Figueroa.

1.- When did your passion for jewelry started?

Since I was seven years old I have memories of my grandmother and my mother wearing long earrings with large crystals. While my parents were working, I leafed through encyclopedia entries on the chemical compositions of the gems. I remember my mother scolding me because I took her earrings without permission and removed the gems with a pair of tweezers because, according to me, they were rubies and I wanted them.

2.- Why are stones the main inspiration of the pieces in Fedra?

Because people cannot imagine that you can find these beautiful stones inside the earth. Their color, hardness, and the way they are carved make them unique. I dare to say that they have their own personality. Some gems are destined to be mounted on gold because of their delicacy and others have to be immersed in water to preserve them; for example opals.


3.- What did you study regarding jewelry?

I studied jewelry at the CECATI, where I learned to melt silver, do wax modelling, as well as chains; everything by hand.

4.- How do you express Mexico in your pieces?

Through the richness in the color of the gems, and with their vibrant color combinations. I also express it through designs inspired by the architecture found in the centers of some of our cities as well as by characters from our rich history. For example, later this year we will launch a collection of three rings inspired by Maximilian of Habsburg.


5.- What does the brand’s name Fedra mean?

Fedra is a princess found in the Greek mythology, she fell in love with her stepson and did everything in her power to have her love reciprocated. The brand name represents strong women who know what they want.

6.- What has been the most challenging part of creating a jewelry brand?

The challenge has been to convince the owners of the stores where we showcase our creations to believe in me. They see a young man and find it hard to believe that I am the inspiration behind the brand and that my designs will be successful in their stores.

7.- What makes Fedra stand out among other jewelry brands?

Our designs are visually different from the competition because our brand combines a greater number of gems that our competitors who use more minimalistic options. We are also very close to our clients; we listen to their wishes and translate them into our designs and choice of gems.  We even name some pieces with the names of our clients who become our lifelong friends.


Pictures: courtesy of Fedra.

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