Aesthetic Luxury at Mar Adentro

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Glass-like water, streamlined structures and straightforward luxury make up the all-white haven melded into the Cabo sands at Mar Adentro, Grupo Encanto’s second luxury resort and distraction-free retreat where architecture is the shining star.

Like nothing else in the region, Mar Adentro is a luxury development whose standout feature is itself. The contemporary design and stunning architecture are the most noticeable aspects where simple lines are streamlined with stretching horizons, and buildings seems to expand out into the sea, reaching for the ocean’s edge. The simple, almost barren structure, sleek white decor and concrete walls give it a peaceful feel, while the interior becomes the exterior (and vice-versa) with its open-air lobby, walkways and spaces. The typical “fluff” found at most resorts is gone and in its place is a sophisticated, modern ambiance.


The uncomplicated structure is the idea and work of architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés. His previous works include private homes, office buildings, public spaces and Encanto Acapulco, his first hotel project whose, also all-white design falls closely next to Mar Adentro’s. The rooms and residences at his latest Cabo creation are “floating houses, houses like boxes,” as Aragonés describes and “are cubes in the middle of the ocean that use water not to navigate, but to sustain life.” The boxed lodgings hover over water and are constructed of glass on the ocean-facing sides, while concrete make up the sides facing sun and desert. The goal of Aragonés was to immerse guests in the surrounding landscape and offer a simple, but luxurious retreat. “The best way to observe is by forming part of what you are observing,” says Aragonés, “if your space forms part of a landscape, it will expand to the outer limits of your gaze; that is how architecture can become a vital experience.”


Find your vital experience whether looking to stay for a weekend or stay for good; in addition to guest rooms, the hotel has private residences and custom-made estates so the simple life can be the everyday life. Poliform furnishings and top-of-the-line appliances lend to the modern and upscale experience. Two restaurants, a bar, ocean-front pool, spa, and cinema make up the amenities along with an art gallery and shopping plaza that will be coming soon.

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