Enjoy a Night at Cine Tonalá

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located in the South Rome District of Mexico City lives one of three spaces dedicated to the performing arts, music, delicious food and tons of laughter. The Cine Tonalá is a center where people can gather to enjoy different activities. To begin, find great art films at the Cinema where they keep up with the ultimate festivals and underground movie companies. They also present during fairly broad hours in order to accommodate everyone. Fridays are music nights and you can count on enjoying a good mezcal while listening to the DJ set of a well-known artist.

In the Stand Up section there are presentations of artists that will make you laugh until your abs hurt by narrating daily life experiences about regular situations that demonstrate the humor in every detail of life. There are also encouraged improvisations, dance and theatrical presentations that constantly change. Like the cinema billboard and the theater presentations, there are workshops of all kinds, from cinema, to cooking lessons, to a variety of different topics according to the proposals that they receive. It is always interesting to discover what’s going on in the city and a great way to find out is by visiting a place like this.

If you do not come to watch a movie, you can always go for a delicious pizza, a huge hamburger or a couple of mezcals amid a cool atmosphere to enjoy your evening. It is a large multidisciplinary forum frequented by the youth and average age of the city. This space is a living area, full of the laughter-echo, smell of smoked mezcal and a place in which you know that you will have a quality time. Do not miss the opportunity to finish your day with a cherry on top at Cine Tonalá. 



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