ARTZ Pedregal

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

ARTZ will be the new large shopping center located at the south area of Mexico City. The project is currently under construction under the architecture office of Sordo Madaleno Architects. The new project is on an urban scale and was designed under environmental and social concepts, considering the dimension of the city, the accelerated growth, the traffic and the amount of people that live and move around the area. The objective is to expand the public spaces and the collective interaction of the area to reach new qualities that integrate the city with the new architectural generated shapes. The project will be used for mixed spaces that will include commercial developments, an urban interior park and corporative spaces.

The president of the architectural firm affirms that ARTZ will improve the city and therefore the quality of life of its users. The space is more than 50,500 square meters and it borders important vehicular arteries of the city. After a deep analysis by the architectural office, they decided to project betting to generate a space to give life quality for the inhabitants and to the city. The central concept is based on the creation of the public park that will be 5,000 square meters with abundant vegetation as the heart of the project and featuring organic pathways.  Social spaces and water mirrors hill create a peaceful atmosphere as if you were outside the chaos of the city. As a response to the inhabitants, the project is based in large open spaces, with social interaction, constantly looking for contact with nature. On one side you will find the three office towers that will be interconnected by bridges with a fourth tower adjacent to these.

On the ground level, you will find the four-level commercial development. It will offer a wide variety of restaurants, department stores, boutiques, cinemas and services of the highest quality. As a response to the access and amount of cars in the city and around the area, the project will include a vehicular street within the complex in order to optimize the input and output of cars. It will also include a tunnel on a peripheral ring that will significantly improve traffic flow. The large trees that surround the field have been kept to continue the “green” aspect of the project. We hope to see the results of this new center in one of the largest cities of the world in the near future.




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