Historical Design of Hotel Casa Awolly

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One of the best kept secrets of Mexico City is Hotel Casa Awolly, a boutique hotel located at the heart of Colonia Roma in the magnificent Mexico City. It is a work of the architects Antonio Rivas and Mauricio Gobera mixed with the work of interior design Dirk Jan Kinet, who is the best at creating spacial identity development of any idea. The hotel is located in what used to be a 20th century Porfirian house, that has been transformed into an oasis within the city on three levels. They had to make some modifications to the original house, like bringing down the original stairs to build new ones that could communicate all the spaces in a more efficient way.

The distribution of the space is defined as follows: on the ground floor is the recommended and highly recognized restaurant, led by the Mexican Chef Irak Roaro. The restaurant is designed to give service to nine exclusive tables, adapted to the original characteristics of the house. The architectural intervention joins the interior with the exterior space by changing one of the original walls. On the first floor there are three conference rooms of different sizes and colors, each one with a different identity of colors, textures and materials, ready to be used for private events. On this floor you will find the services for the whole house. On the second floor you will be amazed by the terrace called “El Tigre,” where you will be able to enjoy the best cockatils in the city created by the great mixology master Ramón Tovar.







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