In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

SPACE is one of the architecture and design offices that has worked on different projects since the very beginning in Mexico City. They have specialized in creating interior spaces that represent the identity of each one of their customers, using materials and architectural dialogs that coincide with the architectural ideology of the office:

“Our passion has been, since our birth, design and architecture.

We seek to work with corporations that think of space as a way to make a difference,

we have structured a new way of seeing and living the architecture and developed a methodology consistent with this vision.”

SPACE is characterized by working with a multidisciplinary team. They never signed up to be one of the largest architectural firms but they did to become one of the best. That is why the team of professionals shine for being talented and totally committed. The methodology they use begins with an investigation of the location and space of each one of their projects, combined with the technological development that should be a fundamental part of every creative atelier. These two aspects have become a really important part of the way of thinking and working in SPACE, as well as always keeping their projects as close as possible to the sustainable solutions and actions that help and respect the environment.

SPACE has worked on many different projects: corporate architecture, interior and exterior, hospitality, commercial buildings, shopping malls, residential projects and many more. The experience they have acquired in different projects has given firm a strong identity, becoming an inspiration for many others.



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