Claudia Martínez and LADLE: empowering Tulum’s Youth

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Meet Claudia Martinez Filizola, an organizational psychologist who moved to Tulum eight years ago and co-founded LADLE. Los Amigos de la Esquina (LADLE) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to empower native Mayan and Mexican children in Tulum. Alongside Francisco and Jaime, Claudia (who is currently General Director) has transformed a personal business venture into a community center, offering free classes and workshops to local children. Claudia’s story is one of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of spreading love and light.

Name: Claudia Martinez Filizola

Instagram: @claudiamtzfilizola

Title: General Director at and Co-founder LADLE


City: Tulum, Mexico

A day in my life: my days are so diverse since eight years ago that I moved to Tulum everyday is like a new surprise but probably yoga and meditation, taking time for myself to get ready,  clean and organize my space, either some virtual meetings or  meeting with people to collaborate around town, being around the kids and practicing all the biohacking recommendations!

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… With an elder from a very remote tribe that could share wisdom that changes my perspective, maybe a grandfather from the Amazonas or a nice Nepali grandmother.

I’m inspired by: so many beautiful people around the globe, more than just one special person, I believe every person have something to teach us either from us or from the big mysteries of the world.

If I could change anything in the world it would be: I truly believe change always come from within, I will keep focusing in letting go old beliefs, patterns, past trauma or whatever is necessary to transform to my best version (daily practice).

Favorite quote: “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” Nelson Mandela.

Biggest dream: co-create many safe places for learning communities around the world where people are spreading love and light.

How did LADLE start? We believe it started many years ago because everything that happened prior in our lives led us to be able to choose and commit with this great purpose. Two awesome souls, Francisco and Jaime,  decided in January 2017 to donate their land that was originally planned to be their personal business as an AIRBNB and gave it as an offering to be a community center for the local kids of Tulum.  Together the three of us have been since that moment leading this meaningful movement for seven years.

What’s the main purpose of LADLE? To empower the local kids developing their character , promoting values and teaching them life skills in three main aspects: art, well being and environmental awareness. We do this offering approximately 30 classes, workshops and field trips every week to kids from age 5-14 years.

Being part of LADLE... has been very challenging for us in many situations because every day there is a new situation to solve, but the truth is that also everyday there is a reward with a hug, a smile, a love expression and there are so many aspects that we have  grown and expand so that is part of our daily basis of satisfaction. Besides having the certainty that we are planting seeds, and that at their own rhythm as the nature cycles, they will blossom.

How can people help in LADLE and donate? There are so many options to help: the first one is if you are around, visit us, travel with purpose and also it is an amazing experience to be around the kids. Second one is as important as the first, support us sharing your abundance: paypal: To be able to continue and be sustainable we need financial resources to cover all our monthly expenses because all our programs are without cost for the families of the kids.

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