Gustavo & Edio, the master minds behind Vezmé

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Edio Uemura Junior and Gustavo Roque de Campos, two Brazilian friends who worked in the fashion industry, realized the lack of sustainable values in most brands: so they decided to open their own brand in Mexico City. Vezmé is an ethical and ecological brand, not only in terms of materials but also in its timeless designs. The brand creates basic pieces that can last a long time, making it less likely that you will need to buy another piece soon to replace it.

The Founders

Name: Gustavo Roque de Campos
Instagram: @gu__roque
Title: Founder
City you live in: Mexico City
Most recent city visited: Balneario Camburiu, Brazil
A typical day in my life includes: Morning meditation, dynamic work, and intense exercise at the end of the day
I was born: São Paulo, Brazil
When I was younger, I wanted to be: A scientist to create new things and a soccer player
My first job was: E-commerce Analyst
My favorite thing about traveling is: Discovering unknown places and definitely trying new foods
If I could change anything in the world, it would be: Contamination of the oceans and wars
The perfect day would be: Surfing in the morning and having a coffee at sunset
My favorite place I’ve visited: Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil
My top 3 bucket list destinations: Iceland, Japan, and Kilimanjaro
My life: Is about connecting people, spiritual life, work, and nature


Name: Edio Uemura Junior
Instagram: @uejunior
Title: Founder
City you live in: Mexico City
Most recent city visited: Bogotá, Colombia
A typical day in my life includes: A morning run, walking and playing with my dog, a huge and cozy breakfast, cooking (it’s one of my favorite things), exercising (gym, handball, padel, tennis, beach volleyball), watching some series at night, or spending time with friends
I was born in: São Paulo, Brazil
When I was younger, I wanted to be: A president, believing I could change the world
My first job was: In a fashion store; I started working when I was 16 years old, seeking independence
My favorite thing about traveling is: Using my eyes to see new places, my stomach to eat well, my mind to expand and dream, and my heart to fall in love
If I could change anything in the world, it would be: People’s empathy; we should care more about people, the environment, and nature. We need to help more
The perfect day would be: A sunny day at the beach, when it’s hot but there’s a breeze, with my dog, exploring new places
My favorite place I’ve visited: Puerto Escondido
My top 3 bucket list destinations: Thailand, Japan, Morocco
My life: Is freedom; I’m constantly changing and challenging myself. My motivation comes from exploring new places and adventures. Deep conversations fascinate me. I believe in luck because when you have good thoughts and good actions, life will bring luck to you


The Brand

Name: Vezmé
Instagram: @vezme.official

How did Vezmé start?
After working together in the fashion world and seeing the opportunities that the industry faced with the environment, we decided to change everything. Vezmé was created by friends passionate about fashion, nature, and life, with a desire to create inspiring products with differentiators for the market. We saw a great lack of local production with different designs in Mexico, high quality that was not high luxury, and with a sustainable proposal.

What is the main objective of the brand?
Our goal at Vezmé is to create high-quality, long-lasting, and sustainable products with excellent cuts. Our exclusive, minimalist, and modern collections range from basics to trendy pieces. Our main objective is to inspire people and transform the fashion industry, which is highly polluting, by producing low environmental impact and ethically responsible clothing. Our slogan is “Inspire the Change.”

What makes you different from other clothing brands?
We differentiate ourselves through our fusion of design, quality, and sustainability, focusing on coordinated collections rather than just basics. We value local production, fostering community development and ethical practices. Unlike many brands that engage in “greenwashing,” we genuinely prioritize environmental and social responsibility, creating a strong connection with our community and future generations.

What is your brand philosophy?
Our philosophy promotes high-quality clothing within the slow fashion movement, opposing the fast fashion trend. We believe in empowering people to achieve their dreams through our products, which have a positive environmental and ethical impact. We seek to inspire individuals to overcome challenges and pursue happiness, ultimately contributing positively to the world.

How are you making Vezmé earth-friendly?
We incorporate sustainability by focusing on slow fashion, using high-quality and long-lasting materials. We utilize eco-friendly certified fabrics like organic cotton and recycled materials, minimizing water usage and waste. Our limited production quantities prevent overproduction and waste. We partner with ethical producers to ensure respectful practices toward people and the environment.Where does the name come from?
We created a name that highlights the importance of living life and valuing time. According to words that were important to the founders and mainly the company’s values, we cut the words “Live” (VE) and “Time” (ME) and joined them with a “Z” in the middle, which is the last letter that means we have to have this mindset until the end.

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