Pablo Gamboa: the vision behind Indigo Creative Studio

In Mexico City, People, Play by Regina García

The founder and CEO of Indigo Creative Studio and Ansuz Design Furniture Pablo Gamboa, blends his love for design with a commitment to social and ethical responsibility. Proving the power of creativity and determination, Pablo was born in Chihuahua and is now based between Madrid and Mexico City. The main inspiration behind his designs and unique pieces are his family and all the constant changes that are happening in the world, and he recently had a launch event for his 2024 Ansuz Design Furniture collection. Get to know more about his journey in the creative world in this interview.

Name: Pablo Gamboa

Instagram: @pablodsn


Title: CEO & Founder

City you live in: Mexico City and Madrid

Most recent city visited… San Francisco, CA

A typical day in my life includes… Meditation, a cold brew and spending time with my pet family, a slow start before 8 or 9 am, and then life gets crazy, every day in my life I completely different. I would say the only constant is music.

I was born… In Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mex.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A F1 pilot, lol

My first job was… Dishwasher at a seafood restaurant

My favorite thing about traveling is… The ability to discover new things to stimulate my creativity

I’m currently listening to… No.1 (Tems ft Tyla) and Set my heart on fire by Majestic and Celine Dion

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Michelle Obama, definitely        

One thing I cannot travel without… My laptop and earphones

I’m inspired by… All of the women in my family, all of them participated actively on the development of who I am now.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… The access to education, everyone should be able to have a common ground in terms of education, all things considered.

What where you inspired by when creating Ansuz Design Furniture? I was driven by the idea of being able to offer groundbreaking design at an affordable price, design must be for everyone. It should be part of who we are, and the spaces we live in.

What is your favorite piece and wha’s the story behind it? I would say Dana, the armchair, it reminds me the volume and the grandeur of my grandma’s living room but with a combination of timeless elements and shapes, it gives me comfort.

How would you describe Saudade the latest collection? Saudades is a Portuguese word, it doesn’t have an exact translation onto any other language because is more of a concept, a living idea. The longing for something, someone or somewhere you don’t have access to but you desperately want to go back to. Saudade wants to give the opportunity to all of our users to create emotional connections with their furniture and spaces, to stop longing for somewhere different than your own home  

Where does name come from (both from the brand and the collection? Ansuz is the name of a Celtic rune, it means, creativity, communication and enlightenment, is one of the best omens within the runes. It’s the eternal harvest that’s always giving

How is Ansuz Design Furniture social and ethically responsible? We are always trying to create safe spaces for everyone, me as part of the LGBT community I put all of my efforts onto building a safe environment where everyone can be whoever they want be. And also, being really inclusive, from the people that manufacture our furniture to the designers that work at an office desk. We also build or factories in marginalized communities trying to provide this as a resource for the community to thrive.

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