In Architecture & Design, Play, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Isabella Moreno

On Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen you can find everything from cute coffee shops, to great stores that saw the start and transformation of the Avenue. An assortment of apartments, restaurants with live music that are constantly full of lights and people, tours to visit the Riviera Maya, groups of families, friends and foreigners, dogs up for adoption and more surprises await visitors in this big pedestrian space. But the most beautiful is without doubt the great shop Biuriful, located on 5th Avenue between 30th and 32nd Street.

Biuriful is the project of Alejandra Anglada, designer and model of half Mexican, half Spanish descent that began this great meeting point for the coolest designers, creating an interesting time in the shop as well as a constant safe spot for people who are interested in contemporary fashion in Playa del Carmen. Bathing suits, night clutches, beach bags, sunglasses for the most extravagant and the most classic taste, accessories not found anywhere else, lingerie, men’s shirts, evening dresses and much more is what makes Biuriful the coolest shop in Playa del Carmen. As a representation of the development of a concept that strengthens the individual personality through objects, it shows the way  you want to live your life with the objects that we create while highlighting situations and personalities with shapes, materials and colors that make the same experience of living something more beautiful and fun. Biuriful is full of luxury, beauty, colors, textures, tropical vibes, overflowing creativity, and so much more. Do not miss it!

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