Braverman Architects

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Fernando and Daniel Braverman are the architects that lead the architecture and interior design office of Braverman Architects in beautiful Mexico City. Braverman Architects is made up of 35 professionals who generate integral projects including industrial designers, graphic designers, architects, interior designers and planners who all work together to create the most amazing spaces. The office is a nucleus in which ideas are generated to create detailed realities in the city. Braverman Architects has even been recognized by various awards such as:

National Prize for Interior Design in 2012, by the Mexican Association of Interior Design by AMDI

National Prize for Interior Design in 2012 and 2013 by AMDI

Mexican Interior Design Award in the 2014 by PRISMA

Some of the projects that Braverman is known for are Splendido Interlomas, Asadero Interlomas, Kiga Interlomas and Classico Coffee, amongst many others. The material palette that they use is always neutral, playing somewhat with the textures in the nature of the materials and converting it into a complete atmosphere by amplifying vegetation, lighting and use of space. This architecture office is without a doubt, one of the most talented offices in Mexico City. Even by witnessing only one of the spaces that they have created, you can feel the intention and dedication that they pour into their work.


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