Brick: Luxury Hospitality in Mexico City

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Mexico City is characterized by having hundreds of hotels for all tastes and styles, but there is one in particular that has always seemed very special to me due to the beauty of its architecture, its extremely convenient location and the attention they give to details: Brick Hotel

In the first decade of the 20th century, Sir William Newbold, President of the Bank of London and Mexico, built and lived in a beautiful English-style house on Orizaba #95, in the iconic Colonia Roma Norte. In one of his trips to Mexico, Sir William brought with him yellow bricks from England, which were used for the construction of the house and the main reason why the place was named Brick. After several years and a comprehensive transformation, the Brick Hotel returns with a more sophisticated and mature concept, appealing to guests seeking for an authentic experience of modern luxury and to local visitors who enjoy its environment and the variety of spaces and concepts offered by the hotel in each of its consumption centers. Although the place is so cozy that you definitely don´t want to leave, it is also important to mention that by being located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods, guests feel invited to walk around to discover parks, public spaces and cultural baggage.

Brick Hotel has 17 rooms and suites specifically designed for the most exquisite travelers in search of pleasant travel experiences. We know that resting is not the only purpose for visiting it, which is why the hotel also has a restaurant with bar and terrace and a speakeasy lounge + bar, where you can taste delicious dishes and cool cocktails in a relaxed and vivid atmosphere at the same time. For those who live in the city but are looking for a special and original place to hold an event, Brick offers private rooms and locations where we are sure that guests will be amazed. Enjoy!! 

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