Taxco 25: Light and Greenery in Roma Sur

In Architecture & Design, Live, Mexico City by Ali Madrazo

Mexico City is characterized by exhibiting quality architecture of different styles, magnitudes and contexts, and it is precisely the restoration projects, which keep the original essence and at the same time revive and refresh through new ideas, some of the most interesting and challenging, so that is why we present Taxco 25 from the Mexican architecture firm EDAA, which captured our attention from the first moment we saw it for the fusion they achieved of freshness and warmth.

Taxco 25 is a recovery, rehabilitation and resignification project with such an historical value, that is why it was protected by the INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts), who followed up on the work EDAA made and that gave them an honorable mention at the Biennial of Young Architects. They respected the old house and allowed the green roofs and terraces to enlighten every corner of the complex; the contemporary housing proposal integrates perfectly with the neighborhood life and its different expressions of traditional architecture.

The house dating from 1940 is located in one of the most special and vibrant neighborhoods in Mexico City: Roma Sur, and today houses three types of living places: the cataloged house, three studios and a two-level apartment. Not only the aesthetics and the deep and exhaustive restoration work stand out in this project, it also has many other elements that make it very special such as the bicycle parking and its furniture, the plant selection, the design of the structural elements that make up the interior wooden staircase and the energy and water efficiency systems, among many others.

EDAA recognizes the importance of developing urban regeneration proposals in a conscious and critical way, and Taxco 25 is a great example of this.

Photos by Onnis Luque, Mariana Cárdenas and Juan Hernández. 

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