Campera Hotel, Live The Bubble Experience

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

This architectural dream is located in Valle de Guadalupe and features a unique look all while connecting guests to the surrounding nature in a place known for its starry nights. The idea of creating this hotel is to disconnect visitors from stress, technology and the daily routine. Campera Hotel is an opportunity to reconnect with what really matters: nature. Campera is an eco-resort focused on sustainability and its objective is to offer an immersive experience without ceasing to provide a luxurious stay.

Built under the guidelines of sustainable architecture, supporting a new way of living and above all a new way to see and act in this world, Campera Hotel offers 10 rooms, all in a bubble shape. Campera Hotel is focused on both the present and the future, so they design for future generations in a way that has the least impact on the environment while also bringing people closer to the ecosystem. During the evenings guests are able to sleep while looking at the five million stars in the clear sky of the Valley. The location is surrounded with vineyards so the experience can be even more complete gastronomically if you wish so.

The bubble design of the hotel was created in France and ensures any climate resistance. The materials used are of the highest quality and create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Campera is made up of ten bubbles, each with a private bathroom, double bed and truly surprising amenities. In addition to enjoying a unique experience inside the rooms, soon guests will be able to enjoy The Bistro which is under construction. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to connect with the environment and experience one of the most beautiful places in the country




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