Gran Llave Studio, Creating Magical Spaces

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Gran Llave Studio is a group of design, architecture and furniture manufacture experts that focus on creating interior design solutions that are tailored to the needs of each person. The studio is characterized by paying special attention to each one of the elements that make up the spatial environment, from the conception of the first sketches, down to the last detail of each piece placed on the real space. This attention to detail is what makes them unique along with the intimate service they give to their customers to not only meet their needs but to become involved in all the ways they want to create their homes, offices or any space. It is through design that Gran Llave is in charge of materializing your ideas and transforming them into unique, beautiful and functional atmospheres. In addition to creating the interior space that is required by the client by means of architectural details, parts of design, different pieces of furniture, textures, colors and visual tours, Gran Llave has its own furniture design collection that you will love!

Gran Llave is responsible for creating the atmospheres that are an extension of the people who inhabit it to make them feel reflected in every object, every room or in each space they have through the details planned for every particular use. It is to go back to the basics of the original value of design by defining life through it.

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