Carolo Mexico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Carolo is inspired by the way of life of Carlos Gómez, a young man with Down Syndrome who has exploited his potential to the maximum and has made the bakery his specialty. They opened their doors in 2007 at Bosques de las Lomas in Mexico City as a bakery and a deli, until they became one of the most recognized restaurant groups in Mexico with four more restaurants in 2016 (Santa Fe, Interlomas and Carso).

Carolo, in addition to being a socially responsible company, is 100-percent committed to human capital and its formation. Its priority is the integral experience of the client to not only have the best materials of the highest quality, first class service and modern spaces, but also a lifestyle made for its clients. One of their specialties is undoubtedly the delicious re-invented pizza that they have managed to create. This pizza is not suitable for purists because they have made combinations such as fig pizza with goat cheese, chipotle, avocado and creamy textures.
Carolo is open at all times, it has the most exquisite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They also have a banquet service for private events. It is undoubtedly one of the best gastronomic options in Mexico City and soon in Monterrey. In addition to offering a beautiful space with special views in each of its locations, it has a unique style in each one and is provided with the most appropriate environment to enjoy the delights of their wonderful kitchen.



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