Get To Know Top Mexican Designers

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The core idea of ​​Top Mexican Designers is an initiative that seeks to promote Mexican design throughout the world. With this collection, it was sought to boost Mexican talent toward new horizons, expanding the design of all the artists who have collaborated with them. At Specialle they are sure that Mexican creativity has no limits and is amongst the best design and artists globally. This is the little help that Specialle puts towards this, it is the effort so that the world can finally know what Mexicans do.

The Manifesto consists of creating different collections of 100-percent Mexican design tapestries created in collaboration between Specialle and a select group of the 11 most prestigious Mexican designers and architects. This initiative promotes Mexican design around the world with talent and creativity by Jorge Alderete, C Cúbica, Cítrico Gráfico, Ignacio Cadena, Héctor Esrawe, Ezequiel Farca, Juan de Lascurain, Cecilia León de la Barra, Michel Rojkind, Ariel Rojo and Arturo Ortíz.

The idea is that the designs refer to symbols of history, culture and aspects of the daily life that characterize our identity, consolidating what could only be defined as Mexico. If you have not yet heard or seen this beautiful collaboration do not spend a second more without doing it, believe us, you’ll fall in love.



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