Casa del Limonero at Mérida

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

Merida is one of the most beautiful architectural cities throughout Mexico. Located in the southeast of Mexico, Merida preserves its history in the streets; artistic details and original colors from the colonial architecture that erected the current city can be seen everywhere.

Merida has been renewed and its architectural and interior design projects within its ancient mansions have been converted. For decades, many Mexican families have been living and creating a community and society in this city all while preserving the sites where they have lived through the various generations.

The Lemon House (Casa del Limonero) is a family house developed on two floors with two defined sections. The main access to the residence is by the street and is limited to the first section of the home, which is occupied by the pre-existing building and construction intervention where the rooms and central courtyard are. The inside yard has different uses —there is a terrace and pool that connect with the new building and serves as the transitional space to the rooms in the back, and is reached by a staricase.

The office that was responsible for this beautiful project was Taller Estilo Architecture, which has created various different residences and projects in southeast Mexican. Casa del Limonero is a great option for a vacation rental with plenty of beautiful places around it to enjoy.



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