Casa SM: Living Between Bricks and Vine

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Vineyards are beautiful by nature, waking up every day and having the pleasure of peacefully contemplating one of them must be a very gratifying experience, but making it from a spectacular residence created by one of the most talented Mexican Architecture firms in the country, that seems to be everything a person could possibly need. Casa SM was created by Farré Arquitecto led by Antonio Farré, who has more than 30 years of experience doing projects that are distinguished by being timeless, balanced and sophisticated. The conceptualization of the house was inspired from the place where it was built, a vineyard within an extensive breathtaking land. The distribution of the spaces was conceived so that all the windows of the residence had an exceptional view of the vineyard, while the materials such as stone, partition and marbles where chosen to honor the original materials of the area, looking for a house that always ages well over time. 

Photos by Aldo C. Gracia 2019

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