Chocochips Mexico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Chocochips is the sewing textile brand of Julia Reyes Retana. The idea began more than fifteen years ago when the artist devoted a large part of her lifetime to textile design and sewing. It is a fact that there is no perfect formula to start an idea as a lifestyle but following what you love and enjoy doing the most is the first step. In this case, patchwork or “quilting” became one of Julia’s favorite activities. The designer who really is a schooled architect is also a designer and artist by devotion. Julia Reyes Retana has been working in various jobs that involve color, design, geometry and creativity such as scenery design, lighting, clothing and textile interventions.

Since five years ago she began to make quilts for close friends and family and inadvertently began what today is Chocochips Mexico. Currently her idea is growing more and more and will soon open the doors to her workshop in Mexico City, where you will be able to find her creations and be able to share the love with other textile design lovers. Each piece is special and made with all the dedication and intention that it deserves. Customers will be able to make custom orders including the wishes and ideas of each individual client. It is important to support the appreciation for the individuality in any mode of expression, and in this case in the textile jewels that Chocochips produces. It is a unique space that cannot be compared to anything else and it shines through the quality of the materials, geometry and beauty in each piece.

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