Design Spotlight: Argentalia Restaurants in Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch

Recent winner of the PRIX VERSAILLES prize awarded by UNESCO in the best North American restaurant category, Argentalia by Faci Leboreiro is a stunning restaurant that uses the versatility of traditional partitions to create unique atmospheres within the same space.

The two-level project features double-height ceilings framed by a belt of partition lattices that serve as bars and railings. On the ground floor, where guests enter, there is a bar that locks but also booths and tables. The star-backed bar serves as a bottle display and an eye-catching design element.

A sculptural staircase provides access to the upper floor. Made of embrasures, partition and wood and interspersed with the ceiling’s wooden beams, the tunnel-like ascension makes for an interesting journey. On the second floor, diners can enjoy a variety of furniture and environments including booths with walls in dry green tones and photographs related to the raw materials used in the cuisine.

The lattices connect the two levels and act as an architectural element with an aesthetically pleasing geometric order. The circular work of the staircase’s lattices seamlessly blend with the wooden ceiling, creating flow and unity throughout the entire project. Perimeter railings also serve to frame the height of the restaurant but are additionally used throughout the furniture, bars and counter bars for prep areas and display shelves, serving as both elements of design and function.

Photos: Onnis Luque

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