Balikai Activewear, a Sustainable and Mexican Workout Brand

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Balikai Activewear is a comfortable yet stylish and eco-friendly brand created with the purpose of making women feel secure while working out. Balikai was created by two Mexican woman who transformed their passion for a wellness lifestyle into a brand.

Viviane and Estefanía —the founders and creatives behind the brand— realized during a yoga class that most women in it, were not comfortable with their activewear, and instead of making it easier for them to move and practice all the postures they kept adjusting their clothing. Also after years of practicing sports they tried multiple activewear brands and realized the quality of the leggings was poor and often made the pieces see-through leaving underwear exposed, they lacked support or even made cellulite more evident. With the goal of creating clothes that had enough compression to make women feel steady, but at the same time allowed them to move freely, Viviana and Estefanía created Balikai Activewear.

Estefanía and Viviana

The designs have innovative details that make every piece unique and trendy, making it possible to wear their clothing not only while working out but also during women’s daily activities. The collection has numerous tops, leggings, bikers and a raincoat that will make any outfit original. Besides, every piece of clothing is made from sustainable materials like recycled nylon, creating not only comfortable and cool pieces but also eco-friendly sports apparel. Additionally, the whole manufacture process is socially responsable and doesn’t damage the planet.

Balikai Activewear plans to expand their brand into sports wear for men, following the same philosophy of offering functional gym clothing with the best quality fabrics, and without compromising their commitment with the planet.

Free mind, secure body

Balikai Activewear is available for purchase at their website, check out their Instagram page here.

Photographs: Balikai Activewear.

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