PAAR by Paulina Villalpando

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We always love to share with our readers the work of young and talented people, so this time we will talk about PAAR, a Mexican jewelry firm founded in 2003 by Paulina Villalpando. PAAR has been characterized by its beauty, balance and sophistication; using geometric shapes and specially triangles as a symbol of balance, femininity and fertility are part of the brand’s DNA. Committed to creating timeless and portable jewelry, the pieces are created with an artisan way based on traditional and modern techniques. Materials such as .925 silver, gold of 14 carats and natural gems are used to create minimalistic jewels. In the search for more sustainable ways to create fine jewelry, PAAR encourages the use of reused and recycled metals and stones. 

Every successful company has a mastermind behind it, and in this occasion it is the self-taught designer Paulina Villalpando, who with 15 years of experience has managed to position her company as one of the first independent jewelry brands in Mexico and today a leading brand in the industry. Graduated from International Relations from the UIA and with a Master’s Degree in Climate Change Management from the University of Oxford, Paulina started PAAR at age 17; it began with the use of recycled materials such as fabrics and pieces of jewelry, and today, with the evolution of the brand at the hand of Paulina, continues the search for sustainability in fine jewelry.

Photos courtesy of PAAR.   

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