Tatiana Becerra the creator of COSMICO tequila and her groundbreaking Extra Añejo Cristalino

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Tatiana has broken barriers by making her way into the tequila world, previously dominated by men. The co-founder and CEO of COSMICO Tequila, which created groundbreaking tequila, the first one to be Extra Añejo Cristalino. Get to know more about her innovative journey.

COSMICO Tequila offers a unique type of distilled, the first Extra Añejo Cristalino tequila, launched five years ago, what makes it so special is the five years the tequila is barreled, creating a unique aroma, body and taste. COSMICO was co-created and is led by Tatiana Becerra, who’s leadership has made COSMICO an international and renowned brand with presence in Saint Barthélemy, Dubai and United States. This tequila has also been awarded by Spirit Selection By Concours Mondial in Brussels, Spirits London Competition and the USA Spirits Rating. 

Name: Tatiana Becerra

Instagram:  @tato__bq  @cosmicotequila

Website:  www.cosmicotequila.com

Title: Co-founder & Director

City you live in: Mexico City

Most recent city visited…Tokyo

A typical day in my life includes… I wake up very early, I thank and meditate. I walk my dog and start working, since I work from home, I also mix it with cooking, reading, reviewing other projects; there are full days of appointments out of home and also seasons with a lot of traveling.

I was born in… Guadalajara

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A writer, I still want to be a writer actually

My first job was…Selling books door to door

My favorite thing about traveling is…get to know new realities, eat, and above all, do things for the first time, which is very difficult to do every day

I’m currently listening to… Max Richter

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Elon Musk

One thing I cannot travel without… A book

I’m inspired by… The diverse world we live in

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… The inequality in which we live

The perfect day would be… Traveling and seeing a new city, eating in a beautiful restaurant and having a massage.

My favorite place I’ve visited… Japan, I’m in love with Japan.

My top 3 bucket list destinations: New Zealand, Amalfi Coast and Gstaad

My life… I love it! It’s a constant change

I’m currently working on… Different and exciting projects and of course, make COSMICO greater every time

How did your career and passion for tequila start? I worked for Diageo for many years and fell in love with the industry.

Why did you create COSMICO Tequila? The passion of having a project that is born from my heart, is a constant inspiration to deliver the consumer a unique product like COSMICO, the industry has grown a lot but there was still a lot to tell.

What makes COSMICO tequila different from other brands? It has a production process designed with a lot of dedication, thinking differently to achieve a wonderful product! It has a different positioning in which we present the Mexico of today, vibrant, luxurious and fun

How does the feminine vision makes COSMICO Tequila unique? Extreme detail, passion and commitment to our consumers

Where does the name COSMICO come from? We were looking for something that reflected the huge and loving work we had put into creating the brand and we came on a quote by Carl Sagan where he defines the cosmos as “everything that is, everything that was and everything that will ever be” and it seemed beautiful and correct to us since that’s just that we are, the sum of the whole!

I am very proud of where the brand is today. Tequila continues to be a favorite among connoisseurs; we have created a community and connected with exceptional people in the process, and we continue to grow and expand internationally,

Tatiana Becerra

Images: Tatiana Becerra.

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