Domus Design Mexico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Domus Design is the result of uniting passion, love and talent for design, for the act of designing and for understanding space itself. Founded by two talented men, Leonardo and Renato, Domus Design is presenting this new design proposal in Mexico. They are inspired by the philosophy of “less is less, less is good” and they take it to the most exquisite and elegant possible level.

Taking seasonal colors, lines and shapes including the perfection of the dialogue of the elements, they manage to create atmospheres that exist in a perfect balance. The simple and elegant lines ensure that you can not take your eyes off their furniture, tables, lamps and the incredible space that you can project with their collections.

It is just so wonderful and refreshing to see new design proposals that are composed of an authentic identity and that can continue to be liked by many. The magic lies in achieving and returning to make iconic pieces that make unforgettable moments in life through the comfort of a chair, the way you sit in a chair and the clarity or the subdued environment that light can achieve.

Be sure to keep close to this new promise that is in Mexico and that creates unique and elegant spaces.


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