Hu-Mo Mexican Industrial Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

HUMO is a collaboration between Fernando Rivero Sosa and Carlos Castellanos Givaudan of furniture, interior and architecture design since 2016. After many years of experience in the furniture industry and collaborating in different offices, both decided to join efforts to design pieces that are easily inserted into an international panorama.

HUMO emerges as an alternative to a national scene where proposals come to the obvious to prove they are Mexican; where pieces are designed on artisanal processes – difficult to replicate on a large scale – and alienate the designers from the industry.

HUMO creates stories behind each piece and in this way they give more value to the object, giving it a unique identity, an objective, a shape and line with an intention and sense. For example the Newton chair; the main idea behind the chair was to create a timeless piece that seems to have been designed elsewhere and at another time. Its design includes small tracks of classic Danish design pieces while maintaining cool proportions that make it very contemporary. The choice of the material and wood creates a modern piece that goes well in any collection of contemporary design, keeping its Mexican heritage alive.


icionadas dentro del mundo del diseño industrial en México y cada vez más en una escala internacional.

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