CutOut Fest at Queretaro

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

CutOut Fest is a festival held in the city of Querétaro and recognized for its impressive International Short Film Competition as well as for offering an inspiring program of workshops, conferences, master classes, screenings and art exhibitions at no cost to the public at all.

It is also recognized by its Living Market, a space to promote a creative business culture within an industry that lives on new ideas. They are unique and amazing experiences that brings together some of the most influential artists and thousands of thirsty minds for knowledge, art, creativity and innovation every year.

The festival also has free workshops, all you have to do is fill out the registration form and tell them why you want to take the workshop and upload your portfolio. The best profiles will be selected to participate, depending on the maximum quota of each workshop. Deadline for registration is Tuesday, October 31 and no matter if you will be selected or not, they will get in touch with you from that day.

It is a unique experience worth knowing, especially to keep up with the artists, the digital art and design, production, animation and the endless talent of this wonderful country. Let yourself be amazed by the mesmerizing visuals, learn in one of the workshops and experience a new thing in Querétaro.


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