Eduardo Terrazas

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is important to recognize the Mexican talent that is changing the country. Eduardo Terrazas has been recognized for his work in several aspects of his life and through different means. The genius has produced work in architecture, art, urbanism and design, changing and intervening in this way the life of different people inside and outside the country. The creator was born in Guadalajara in 1936 and studied architecture at the UNAM and received a masters degree in architecture in New York. Since then, he has successfully converted his studies by applying an integral vision, from the smallest design objects to large urban and regional projects. He is able to understand life, the city, art and objects as different in the way of production but always parallel in human experience.

Terrazas’ work has been exhibited in different museums and galleries in the country and the around the world. He has been in shows in places like Bellas Artes in Mexico City, The Knoll Gallery, Casa Barragan and his pieces are also part of the Jumex collection, amongst others.

His architectural works always show interest in the future and the way of communicating with the present situation and the people, always concerned in generating social awareness in each line. Some examples are the MUTEC and the most important cultural center of the city, Center of Art and Culture Reynoso. He also has been greatly recognized for designing the image of the Olympic Games of Mexico. It is without doubt that Terrazas is a very important, admirable and creative mind that should be known to depth in many ways.




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