GAIA Showroom

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Design has been generated into a lifestyle; a style where one lives completely and in different moments; the way of dressing, decorating our homes and offices, the urban planning of a city, the way of sophisticated thinking. In 2014, the business geniuses Hassan Yassine, Raffaello Strace and Philippe Cahuzac decided to create a space where design could reach any home and any space.

Creating a portal through which happiness reaches more and more people, not only a few privileged, GAIA Design began as an online platform in which design is converted into an accessible, innovative object for all Mexican households. The opening of the online shop with furniture and contemporary design accessories has created a new way to buy and dress the homes of our country. After the online store’s resounding success, GAIA has now opened two showrooms in Mexico City to make the act of buying more intimate. The showrooms are in Prado North and Polanco in wonderful Mexico City. In this way, the design store continues to enrich the home shopping experience so you can now experience and feel the different textures and discovering the details that make up each piece. GAIA has revolutionized and re-defined the way to see design, by getting closer to the public and creating a new and successful way to purchase furniture in Mexico.



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