Otto Dix at the MUNAL

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

There is no doubt that Mexico City is one of the most active and attractive points of art in the world, both in the production of contemporary art and its influence on art history with remarkable muralists and different artists. It is also known for having more museums and galleries than most cities around the world. Many of these spaces are intended for a type of work or art in particular. Mexico has spaces dedicated completely to artisan work, history, anthropology and contemporary art. That is why the diversity of art exposed every day in Mexico City is infinite and for all tastes and specifications.

The MUNAL (National Museum of Art) has been the location and witness of multiple, important exhibitions and events in the Mexican capital. The same building is considered an architectural masterpiece of the highest category, full of history, beautiful construction and small, fascinating details. Currently, MUNAL works as a space for the enjoyment and exhibit of art in historical downtown Mexico City. The exhibition that is found in these moments is without doubt one of the favorites for all art lovers and is the first time that the German artist, Otto Dix is exhibiting in Mexico. The exhibit is a review of the great artist’s work as part of the 2016-2017  activities for dual Mexico-Germany.

The exhibit shows the different stages and styles of his work throughout his life, speaking and moving into social issues by the expression of painting and always as a form of criticism. Topics that are the inspiration for many artists and intellectuals in the present. The work is marked by the two World Wars that the artist lived. He speaks through images on the decadence of humanity, the behavior of society, the loneliness, pain and more topics, making it the backbone of Dix’s impressive work. This is an exhibition that must be seen and experienced by all those who \want to better understand all aspects that form the life and history of art.






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