Feel Peace at Tulum’s Hotel El Pez

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Tulum is one of the most sought-after destinations visited each year in Mexico. The overflowing nature, the turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea, the resonance of the archaeological zone all around the town, the primitive and luxurious character and quality of gastronomic offerings, all contribute to it becoming a wonderful and magical hot spot. What a few years ago was a camping area where the archaeological zone and natural reserve Sian Ka’an were all there was, has today become an area that does not cease to grow. Due to limited architectural restrictions with the aim to keep Tulum the way it is, many of the hotels have a mystically beautiful and natural vibe that allows travelers to enjoy them in a more conscious way.

One of the hotels that shines for its service, luxury and impeccable cuisine is El Pez Nativo. This hotel is located in Tulum’s hotel zone, along the Caribbean Sea. There is no better way to reconnect with nature and oneself more than being close to the natural elements of water, fire (the sun), air and earth. All of them are abundant here and play a part in giving guests a magical vibe. This vibe can be attributed to the design and architecture of hotels and spaces where we decide to explore. El Pez Nativo, for example has hints of Mexican design and color all throughout it, with views of the Caribbean Sea everywhere. The hotel design  was created with the guest in mind, to ensure there is always a space to rest from the sun, as well as natural air, promoting a perfect stay. This hotel is ideal for couples, friends, family, or for a personal connection journey, since Tulum is known for its many spiritual retreats and yoga lifestyle.

conexión personal ya que Tulum es conocido por sus múltiples espacio de yoga y rituales espirituales.

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