Style and History at Hotel Demetria

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Hotel Demetria is a boutique hotel located in the Lafayette district of Guadalajara. It is a hotel that has brought back the word trendy to the area. Its architecture and interior design have positioned it as one of the hottest hotels in the area. Like all boutique hotels, the personalized attention to each guest is impeccable, as well as each of the spaces that were designed as an individual living space. This means that every corner is alive, so it was designed with the exact colors, materials and textures needed to make it unique. This way guests can experience the essence of the hotel as the sole and authentic one. All of the pictures that were selected are in black and white format to highlight the contemporary character with elegance. It truly is a complete wonderful project for all the senses.

Hotel Demetria has history in its structure. It was rebuilt on what used to be an old house that belonged to a well positioned family in the colonial era. This is why so many of the architectural details have been preserved by combining them with contemporary architecture that characterizes the hotel. The architecture consists of concrete, glass and metal. With only 38 rooms that will leave you stunned by the wonderful atmosphere of each one of them, the hotel distributed them throughout 14 floors to offer privacy and exclusivity for guests. It is the masterpiece and dream of the architect Iván Cordero, to whom we owe the construction and design of this wonderful space. It also has a library, an art gallery and a sky-bar with swimming pool, the ideal setting for unforgettable days and nights.

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