Traditional Mayan Healing Ritual for Bride and Groom

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Award-winning Yäan Wellness Energy Spa, located in the magical city of Tulum, is a center of wellness and healing that is committed to purifying and cleansing the body, mind, and soul. From the moment you enter the spa, you will be immersed in the elements of fire, air, water, and wood, and feel at peace with its elegant and organic design, which respects the flow of nature in both space and time.

Yäan has put together a variety of Spa Rituals that combine more than one treatment and that are specifically designed to ensure a truly transformative experience of healing and bliss. One of these such rituals is the Traditional Mayan Healing Ritual for Bride and Groom, which provides the perfect pre-wedding spa experience for couples who are getting ready to embark on the new journey of married life.


The Traditional Mayan Healing Ritual for Bride and Groom

Duration: 2.5 hours // Cost: $800 USD*

Meant to sanctify the love and trust between the couple, this treatment starts off with an energetic “limpia” or cleanse of the couple’s auric field through the use of copal smoke therapy, feathers, and herbs, helping clear energies of the past and providing a harmonious base for the future. The cleanse is then followed by a deep Sobada Mayan massage and ending with a sacred ancient ceremonial bath with healing herbs and scents. By the end of the ritual, the future husband and wife will feel light, rooted, and more strongly connected than ever.

*All Prices include 1 hour of the Healing Water Circuit of Steam, Sauna, and Pools.


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