Flores Flores: The Essence of Joyful Mexico

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Mexico is color and folklore, and together with flowers they make magic, that is why we are in love with these new vases that are part of the Colección Miscelánea, created by La Galería Mexicana de Diseño and with the participation of several creatives from the country including Jorge Diego Etienne’s studio. Flores Flores is an ornamental element inspired by the vernacular objects of popular use and the material and graphic expressions that permeate the streets and flower shops. Common materials such as concrete converge in this vase, with manufacturing solutions that speak of everyday life and Mexican ingenuity.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable and was intervened by a sign maker, who with their own technique painted the word “FLORES” on one of the faces of the vase. The colors allude to the phosphorescent tones found in several flower shops, which convey the vibrant identity of traditional Mexican markets.

The creative process for the realization of this project began with visits to the most popular flower shops and markets in Monterrey, documenting the materials, shapes, and graphic representations of the establishments with photographs. Finally, they managed to use the elements found to materialize them in a design piece: a vase that represents the vernacular objects of Mexican flower shops.

Photos by Lightly Studio and Julia Guzmán, courtesy of Jorge Diego Etienne. 

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