Galapagos 100 Chair

Adriana Hoyos Furnishings, creates the Galápagos 100 Chair

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Adriana Hoyos and her daughter Andrea Pérez Hoyos have created the Galápagos Collection, and the newest piece in the line is the Galápagos 100 Chair, inspired by the Island and their sula nebouxxi birds.

The main inspiration of this amazing chair is the local flora and fauna of the ecuadorian island, specifically a bird with blue legs, blue beak and blue skin (all different shades of blue). The wavy design lines and curves of the chairs are inspired in the bird’s wings. The Galápagos 100 Chair can be personalized, as Adriana Hoyos Furnishings offers five weaved prints with geometric patterns or basic options, you can also add a bit of leather to upgrade the design. All the fabric is perfect for interior design projects as they are easy to maintain, clean and are almost intelligent fabrics. The option in colors is almost neutral with grey as the main one, followed by black, white and different shades of blue, and it also reflects the same color contrast of the bird’s body and wings.

Galápagos Chair and Inspiration
Fabric options

The chair legs are made of a natural material: wood, it is also possible to choose between eleven different types of wood like French oak or seike. Since Adriana Hoyos Furnishing is always considering the different necessities and taste of their clients, the chair can also be chosen with or without arms.

Galapagos 100 Chair with no arms.

About Adriana Hoyos

The designer started her career 27 years ago, she has created 11 furniture collections and has worked in interior projects for important companies like Hilton Hotels, Marriott, among others. Adriana Hoyos seven different showrooms around the American continent and is constantly creating different interior and design projects. She now works with her daughter to merge the experience with a new vision.

“My philosophy is to live intensely every day”

Adriana Hoyos

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Photographs: courtesy of Adriana Hoyos.

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