Fronton Mexico

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Bringing back to life an icon of Mexico City like Frontón México, represented a great challenge of integral architectural rescue. From its inauguration in 1929 until today, the building itself has great value and urban contribution as a reference in the field of Art Deco architecture, with Mexico being one of the most representative countries in Latin America of this movement. From the amazing floors, blacksmith shop, chandelier, lighting, columns, its façade and the original colors, Frontón México is renewed as an entertainment center that is the seat of diverse artistic, cultural and sports activities.

The art deco work created by the architects Teodoro Kunhardt and Joaquín Capilla was inaugurated in 1929 thanks to the popularity of the jai alai game by President Emilio Portes Gil. Building the largest jai alai field in the world with 62 m long. Today it is formed by two spaces:

1. Acoustic: The room designed for shows has a structure designed to create the perfect space for voice or music, amplifying the sound and leaving out the echoes that taint it.

2. Entertainment for all: A very complete, dynamic and vibrant entertainment center with a great stage, sports court for Jai Alai, a three-story casino, restaurant and skybar there will be no limits to for unique and memorable moments. From a concert, theater, dance, exhibitions, conferences, parties and nights that will leave you breathless.

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