Sean Scully at Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

2018 is the year that beautiful Mexico City enjoys being the “World Design Capital.” There is no better way to open the year than with the Art Month which includes the Material Art Fair, Zona Maco and the galleries and museums of the city full of new exhibitions. Among them is a pleasant surprise for all art lovers: Sean Scully, the Irish artist exhibits for the first time in Latin America at La Cuadra San Cristóbal, by Luis Barragán.

Undoubtedly, in the world of art there have been many dialogue interventions between two artists of different times and nationalities through work. But this space definitely inspires all those who have had the pleasure of visiting it. The vanishing lines of Barragán’s architecture with Scully’s 2D lines generate an unparalleled visual space. The abstraction in the paintings and sculptures within the strong and solid language of Barragán have already generated a great show to open this year in Mexico City as something exceptional. The exhibition has been curated by Oscar Humphries and includes three monumental sculptures by Scully, “Boxes of Air” and the 15 canvases located inside the stables.

It is the first time that this piece and architectural work has opened its doors to the public and will be for a short time since the space is inhabited by the Egeorstrom family. Sean Scully has won the Turner Prize twice and is happy to exhibit in this wonderful country, he has made clear the love he feels for Mexico and Luis Barragán. The contrast is perfect between the artists’ two color palettes.

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