Get Fresh!

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Fresh is a space that brings together the best ingredients, with one-of-a-kind architectural history that will transport you through time and will immediately make you feel healthier. Located on the street of Chihuahua inside the coolest district of Mexico City, Roma Norte, is Fresh. This vegan restaurant is concerned with providing the best food to each one of their customers. Based entirely on the trend that healthy is the new sexy, guests will find a menu that will nourish their bodies from the inside out. Fresh supports the value of healthy, conscious eating and supports the concept of bringing together organic products that are friendly with the environment.

Fresh began in Toronto, Canada and has come to Mexico City to stay. The Fresh vision is to be a modern and nutritious source for the creation and preparation of food and beverages, promoting love and respect for mother nature and for planet earth. Since its origin, its mission has been to demonstrate that vegan food can be satisfying, energizing, desirable and fun. The location in Mexico City is in a space that used to be an old house, with an interior courtyard and precise architectural details. It is one of the few art nouveau façade buildings that are conserved in the city. Upstairs there are a few office spaces and a yoga studio. If you have not yet tasted all the magic of organic products you should stop by this amazing place.

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