Rosewood Puebla: A New Luxury

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located in the historic downtown of the beautiful city of Puebla, near the Temple of San Francisco is the new and beautiful Rosewood Puebla hotel. The historic center of Puebla is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage of Humanity since 1987. The hotel gets its inspiration from the colonial city that contains centuries of inheritance. The architectural composition of Rosewood Puebla is formed by a set of historical buildings from various areas that surround a beautiful private patio. It also integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern elements and materials such as Talavera Poblana along with chic Mexican decor with a selection of art that communicate perfectly with the interior design project. The architectural details are based on classic ironwork and beautiful arches that evoke the rich history that creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Rosewood Puebla features 78 rooms and suites, meeting rooms, a spa and a swimming pool on the terrace with stunning views of the city surrounded by volcanoes. The hotel has three dining outlets: the Pasquinel Restaurant Bistro, with a casual style;  Blue Talavera Café and the sophisticated Bar Los Lavaderos, all of which celebrate the history of Mexico and allows diners to honor the distinguished culinary traditions of the region.

Sense, The Spa, allows guests to embark on a liberating and multi-sensory journey of peace. The spa offers a wide range of curative therapies, treatments, beauty rituals and personalized services. The design is inspired by the history of Mexico and by centuries of ancient traditions, techniques and the purity of original indigenous ingredients. It provides an experience that combines science, nature, wellbeing and beauty to give a harmonic balance between body, soul and mind. Rosewood Puebla is a complete and unique experience not to be missed.


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