Hacienda San Pedro Ochil: Yucatan at its Best

In Architecture & Design, Stay, Yucatán by Ali Madrazo

Hacienda San Pedro Ochil contains all the delights of the Yucatan, from gastronomy, to the vegetation, through culture and architecture. It is located at KM 175 off the road Uman – Muna, just 40 minutes away from the city of Merida. Among its main attractions is the restaurant, where panuchos, papadzules, lime soup and cochinita pibil can be enjoyed. Guests can also find craft workshops, a pond for swimming and a gift shop. The “Museo de las Haciendas Henequeneras” shows the audience the process that has been used since one century ago to extract sisal thread and make everyday products; this process was the base of the Yucatan economy for many years. Truc rides are also a classic in this mystic place and they consist of climbing on wooden platforms that are pulled by mules, as was used in the times of the haciendas. Enjoying the place as if you were living at that time makes the experience much more enriching. It seems that plants and architecture were both a creation of nature that was made in synergy to decorate this place and beauty is found everywhere. Once again, Yucatan shows us why it is a destination worth visiting more than once.

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