Hotel b¨o: Mexican Chic

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Chiapas is one of the most beautiful states in Mexico, and although we have not talked much about it, it’s worth visiting for the greatness in its landscapes, culture and especially in its people. It so happens that one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever seen is right there, and the doors are open for any visitor who want to witness a concept in which Mexican culture was carried to modernity in a totally creative way. Hotel B¨O is located in San Cristobal de las Casas, a magical city located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Its name means water in Tzotzil, just as the rain that gets lost in the fog in San Cristobal. Muro Rojo Arquitectura was commissioned to develop this magnificent space, which has 14 rooms, 6 suites, 1 master suite and 1 presidential suite; it also has a library, lobby bar, fitness center, ballroom, spa service and more than 1,000-square-meters of gardens. The specialty restaurant called LUM has been recognized for its excellent culinary proposal. The mixture of colors and textures achieved are worth mentioning because they are responsible for giving personality to the place together with the selected materials and landscaping. Visiting Hotel B¨O either as host or guest is an experience that you definitely need to live.

(Photos: Jaime Navarro)

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