Top towns to visit in Chiapas

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The Southern state of Chiapas has many cities that are worth visiting, here’s the list of the ones you cannot miss when traveling there.

Chiapa de Corzo

Located just 30 minutes from Tuxtla Gutiérrez (the capital of the state is where people arrive), the attractions in the magical town aren’t disappointing. The first stop is Sumidero Canyon, located in the Grijalva river, the boat ride will amaze you with the amazing views. In the center of the city you can find the principal square, with has an amazing fountain called Fuente de la Pila, made only by brick and designed with arab inspiration. Also many colonial and colorful churches can be visited like San Jacinto and El Calvario.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

Considered a magical town due to its colonial architecture, it is a must visit since it is surrounded by green mountains, creating an amazing view. The valley is known for its culture and style, in the main streets you can find local brands and crafts made by artisans. The astonishing San Cristobal Martir Cathedral combines neoclassic and baroque style, and you can also visit different museums like de Cacao Museum, Ambar Museum and Na Bolom.

San Juan Chamula

Just 10 km from San Cristobal is San Juan Chamula, is a town inhabited by Tzotziles, a community that combined their indigenous traditions with christian religion. The main church is one of the most iconique ones since their colors are striking.


The city that has maybe the most information and cultural influence of the Mayan culture, in Palenque you can find the most impressive archeological sites as well as waterfalls, making it the perfect mixture between nature and history.

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