The Design of Hotel Bö

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

San Cristobal de las Casas is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. The magical people, the haze that gives a glimpse of the mountains, the location, height, jungle and atmosphere in general is breathtaking, while perfectly framing the experience of Chiapas and especially this city; it is something you must feel. Hotel Bö is a space that offers a fresh look on this village, a complex with identity, an exaltation to the hospitality created by the design while shaping and integrating the concept of a home-hotel in an area of luxury. The space speaks with the mysticism of San Cristobal de las Casas to delight customers with a full sensory experience of this point in the country. The traditions and roots of the region are present in every corner of the hotel, in details and objects, providing a sense of belonging and harmony with nature.

Hotel Bö is a project by the talented Atelier of Mexican Architecture and Interior Design called MuroRojo, and its partner Arq.German Velasco. It is a project that shows the talent of the Mexican work combined with materials to offer ecological luxury in the mountains of the southeast Mexican region. The colors used for the space are warm tones with a few hints of vivid colors in objects and unique pieces. The decor and interiosim of the common spaces as well as the rooms, are designed to provide the greatest comfort for giving the feeling of home. The suites are ideal spaces for the full integration of body and soul thanks to the constant dialog between the created and natural areas.

means water and the experience of the hotel is formed by the four elements in the same way as is recounted in the traditional songs of Chiapas where earth is the body, the wind means condensation, water the blood and fire the spirit. is a hotel to see the rain to fall and the conceptual project integrates the four elements to make the enjoyment and the resting part of the hotel experience. It is a space that tells stories by means of the textiles of the area; the knots, threads, textures and colors are the main elements which will accompany you during the stay.




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