Top Party Spot: The Nowhere Bar

In Los Cabos, Play by Suzanne Koch

Looking to get lost? A lively and bustling bar set on the marina in Cabo San Lucas is The Nowhere Bar, where the party scene extends far into the night.

Growing up in Mexico City, Pablo Marron and Jorge Rincon always fantasized about opening a bar at a beach resort and living the coastal life. At a time when Cabo San Lucas was new to the tourist scene and before it had received its reputation as a party spot, Marron and Rincon saw Cabo as a place of opportunity. What they found was a location with the potential to establish something for a long time.

On Dec. 23, 1994, that something became The Nowhere Bar when Marron and Rincon opened its doors to the patrons of Cabo San Lucas and began the process of building what today is a longstanding hotspot, popular with everyone. The beginning days of business were a struggle, filled with combing the beach and spreading the word of the new, local spot. After a few determined years of promoting had passed, the bar became filled nightly with nearby residents, young partygoers, faraway travelers, Hollywood faces and everyone in between.

Whether you’re looking for a place to begin your night, end your night or spend the entire night, The Nowhere Bar is versatile and perfect for any occasion. The bar, whose outdoor is as energetic as the indoors, serves up a party atmosphere in a smaller and more intimate setting, rivaling any big club. And like the nearby clubs, it even offers up bottle service and a fair share of celebrities, adding to its already attractive party scene. The Nowhere Bar, which has never taken a photo of a famous face or published who has visited, lends its frequency of celebrity visitors to its quiet manners.

With 21 years under its belt of pouring drinks and turning nights upside down, The Nowhere Bar has found loyalty to be the ingredient to its success, while in turn, the people of Cabo have found it to be the ingredient to a perfect night.

Want To Go Nowhere?

Plaza Bonita
Blvd. Marina #17
Local 12-A
Cabo San Lucas

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