Hueso Restaurant

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The new hotspot in Guadalajara is Restaurant Hueso (Bone), the “Alfonso Cadena Atelier.” Located by the Luis Barragan Foundation and the home studio of architect Ignacio Diaz Morales, the restaurant is located in a great, active district where Hotel Lafayette is also nearby. Since the area brought a new wave of fascinating cultural life to the city, it has become the new place to be in Guadalajara and the chosen spot for Bone. The restaurant came to life in the inside of an old house that used to represent the modern architecture of 1940. Today, it is owned by Chef Alfonso Cadena and is a completely contemporary and avant-garde project that shines in the city.

The architecture and concept of this project, as well as the furniture and lighting, is the work of Ignacio Cadena, while the ceramics are the work of Jose Noé Suro and the artistic interventions are from the original Tomás Guereña Contractors and Miguel Ángel Fuentes. The concept of this magical space began from the outside and worked its way inside. It started with the ceramic exterior of tiles made by Suro that function as the perfect invitation for an interior space that is full of texture.


The inside atmosphere is inspired by Darwin; the walls come to life with more than 10,000 animal bones and plant displayed on various wood layers interwoven with kitchen utensils and other objects operated by urban artists. It is a marvelous area that is full of texture and conveys the world of animals and vegetables combined with the human action of cooking, a true artistic setting that is a delight to the palate! Restaurant Hueso is without a doubt one of the new spaces that best represents the need to convey in one project, the planning, creating, cooking and enjoying from an enchanting place of the heart and palate.

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