International Museum of Baroque

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The Museo Internacional del Barroco (MIB) is the work of Pritzker Architecture Prize-winner, Toyo Ito in Mexico that recently opened its doors in February 2016. The project aims to develop a concept that exposes the heritage of Puebla and Mexico during the Baroque period, the fundamental principles of the aesthetics of the same movement and the projection in all areas of European and Latin American societies of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The body that conforms the Museo Internacional del Barroco is an approach to share, expose, and underline the importance of the artistic movements of the past which have been central in the history of our country, and in this case, the world. It is a way to make contact with visitors, to create a contemporary space that contains the Baroque language as the museographic direction, to keep consistency with the visitor-space-history connection and to share the identity that has generated its roots.

The MIB is located in Puebla, offering thematic content with emphasis in the global scope of the Baroque, showing collections from different countries as well as services and activities developed particularly in the field of education, literature, multimedia and visual contents. The museum completes your visit with a library, store, auditorium and restaurant to enjoy the magnificence of the space.


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