IAGO: Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Oaxaca is the favorite city of Mexicans and foreigners because of the city’s history which is full of magic. It is the state with the greatest natural diversity, with sixteen ethnic groups, and with more cultural variety, agriculture, museums, mountains and art.

The art has been a central lure that attracts tourism to the city. It has grown internationally because of the various artists that decide to inhabit the cobbled streets surrounded by majestic mountains. The city itself generates art; it enable curiosity in education and is a completely cultural city that lives and breathes art in every corner.

IAGO is an institution that preserves one of the most important graphic collections of Latin America. It is a cultural center in the heart of the city which has space for different exhibitions along with a wonderful inner courtyard, a cultural library focused in art (BIAGO), an audio library, photo center, cineclub and boutique shop. These spaces have been created in large part by the support, passion and dedication of the maestro, Francisco Toledo, and by the hunger from the inhabitants of the city to learn , create and know more about art, and above all to share the knowledge.



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