Ishi, Mexican Jewlery

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexican culture is present and active in different areas of everyday life. It can be felt in the industrial design area and in objects like a pot, a crockery or any object used daily. It is fascinating to think that the objects are produced in the same way they were centuries ago. For example, clay figures, naturally dyed textiles and many more. Mexico is incredibly rich in history, culture, folklore, shapes, traditions and customs and design communities are now following the same techniques that our ancestors used to create contemporary pieces rich in history and character. The objects chosen to build our life become part of our identity and if these objects carry the intention then we can continue honoring all the people that have paved the way before us.

Following this type of ideology many new design brands have been born, like Ishi. This jewelry brand explores the possibility of creating contemporary objects, made in a handcrafted way so they can offer pieces filled with ancestral stories. Honoring the millenary actions in a globalized world, Ishi aims to express the cultural and spiritual wealth of Mexico through jewelry. This brand is located in Mexico City working and collaborating with indigenous communities, such as the Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca and the Huichol Indians of the Northwest Sierra of the country. Ishi creates amulets, which are pieces charged with positive energy in materials to spread and protect people that acquire them. The objective of this special brand is to create unique accessories to enrich the lives of its customers and promote the professional and creative work of artisans.


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